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  • Wind direction
  • PM2.5
  • Wind speed
  • PM10
  • Ambient temperature
  • CO2
  • Relative humidity
  • Solar radiation
  • Negative oxygen ion
  • Barometric pressure
  • Visibility (Optional)
  • Rainfall

How It Works

The sensors are connected to the host via RS485 interface, the environmental and meteorological data are reported to the platform via 4G backhaul. Feeds you real-time, accurate, and high reliable climate data from the weather station. Achieve a real-time micro-climate monitoring anytime, anywhere.

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System Features

Stop depending on that limited weather app and discover what the weather’s really doing outside with a fully-fledged outdoor weather station.

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High reliability and stability

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Supports 4G backhaul for remote monitoring

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Rugged, IP66 rated for outdoor applications

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Easy installation and deployment

Weather Monitoring Platform

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  • Rea-time & accurate weather readings
  • Precise forecasting
  • Customize alerts for significant weather changes & events
  • Real-time device fault/offline alarm


The main applications for this kit include Smart agriculture, Smart cities, and environmental monitoring applications like maintaining a golf course or monitoring environmental conditions of scenic areas.

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Smart Ranch

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Smart Farm

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Smart City

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Environment Monitoring