Why Do Greenhouse Need Ventilation

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Proper ventilation is imperative for a greenhouse to function properly. Ventilation serves four crucial functions in the growing process

  • Temperature control
  • Improved air circulation
  • Humidity control
  • Carbon dioxide/oxygen replacement

How It Works

The smart greenhouse automatic ventilation system is consist of all-in-one greenhouse roll up motor kit, gateway routers and platform.

  • The temperature sensor, and rain& snow sensor collect and report the environment data to the platform at a configured frequency.
  • The platform analyzes the reported environment data, when the temperature reaches a value outside the set range or rain and snow are detected, the roll-up motor and fans will be triggered to run accordingly.
  • Support video monitoring if there is an On-site video capture request.
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Key Benefits

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Keeping Plants healthy& increase productivity

Automatic ventilation system can provide fresh air to the plants, helps to control the temperature and humidity, significantly increase your ability to manage pest infestations in your greenhouse, and increase greenhouse operation profits.

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Making Gardening Easier

By fitting the plug & play greenhouse roll-up motor kit in your greenhouse, farmers can check and control their greenhouse anytime, anywhere. When at work you won’t have to worry about venting your greenhouse if the environment or weather suddenly changes. Which saves your time, cost, and effort.


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Vegetable Greenhouse

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Fruit Greenhouse

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Flower Greenhouse

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Solar Greenhouse