Product Information

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Realtime biometric data collection

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Bolus placed in the rumen

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Eco friendly, No damage or lost

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Max usage of 2~3 years

How It Works

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Rumen bolus injection

Once inserted into a sheep by a standard bolus gun, this eco-friendly rumen bolus will remain in the rumen. Battery life up to 2~3 years, IP68 eco-friendly enclosure, no external effect, no damage or lost, and causes no harm to the sheep.

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Automatically data reports

The rumen bolus collects the sheep's data every 5~6 hours and reports to the LoRaWAN base station installed at a sheep barn or outdoor farm. Then, the base station stores them locally or sends them to the online database.

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Web and mobile applications

The platform analyzes the sheep’s activity via all the data reported. Access critical data, real time notifications, trend analysis, web and mobile applications for improved farm management.

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Real-time alert and rapid measures

Actionable management decisions are pushed and presented to farmers, vets and feeding experts on the health, wellbeing, reproduction and nutrition to make rapid measures possible.

Benefits of Digit Farm and the Smart Rumen Bolus

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Accurate Estrus/Lambing detection

The smart remen bolus provides essential information regarding reproduction such as estrus/lambing based on temperature data which is not influenced by the external environment. Detecting heats and calving promptly, which is challenging via visual observations. Improves the profitability of your farm by reducing losses and increasing calving.

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Accurate Health Monitoring

On-going activity data and real-time rumen temperature monitoring feeds into animal health monitoring. Even when you are not in the farm, you can check the sheep’s activity and health status by using the Digit Farm System. Which enables timely and targeted medication treatments, reduce the cost caused by diseases, increase the productivity as well as the animal welfare.


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Scan the QR code and register the sheep’s profile in accordance with the ID of ear tag.
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Wipe the bolus and bolus gun with rubbing alcohol before injection.
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Inject the bolus into the sheep’s rumen.

Digit Farm Platform

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Monitoring your sheep has never been easier

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Sheep History

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Disease Treatment

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Automatic Alarm

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Calving schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is bolus technology safe for my sheep/coat? +
Of course. The bolus technology has been developed carefully with veterinarians and technical experts. The enclosure is made of non-toxic, harmless, acid-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC) material, It is ROSH compliant and complies to all necessary standards and has been tested and certified to be rumen fluid resistant.
2.How long does the bolus remain inside the sheep/goat? +
The bolus remains inside the sheep/goat for a lifetime (Battery life up to 2~3 years @30mins reporting cycle). It remains in the same position in the reticulum due to its own weight, and is neither regurgitated nor digested.
3.How old the animal have to be before inserting the bolus? +
Mature sheep/goat
4.Can I see the system in live? +
Get in touch with us, so we can arrange a visit or connect you. You can see how the system works in live.
5.Does the bolus also work on pasture? +
Many customers use the bolus on pasture The bolus is designed for all farming systems e.g. grain feed and/or pastures.
6.I already use a herd management software. Can I connect the systems? +
For the demo test stage, AGRISEEN will provide our test account for you test. For commercial use, to make sure it is easy to use for customers already own a herd management software, we offer integrations with the herd managements programs.
7.Is it possible to run a trial? +
Yes, AGRISEEN is very open to running trials with new customers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
8.What do I need to do to set-up the system? +
Boluses and gateways arrive preconfigured, advanced user manual is available after request.
9.How many devices do I need? +
Each animal needs one bolus. The number of Gateways depends on the farm size and environment. Contact us at and we can quickly assess