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Wireless Greenhouse Roll Up Motor Kit

  • Plug & Play all-in-one design with fast and easy deployment
  • DC 24V 130W Motor, build-in hall effect proximity sensors
  • Build-in DS18B20 high sensitivity digital temperature sensor with an accuracy of 0.0625°C
  • Build-in rain and snow sensor, with temperature switch and low temperature heating function
  • Communicate via cellular or IoT network, 4G, NB-IoT, and LoRa optional
  • On-site video capture can be selected as required


RASX01 is a Plug & Play all-in-one design greenhouse roll up motor kit for automatic venting, integrated with a roll-up motor, roll up motor controller, temperature sensor, rain and snow sensor, LED display, and wireless communication module. The environment measurements are made at a configured frequency, when the temperature reaches a value outside the set range or a rain and snow is detected, the roll up motor will automatically run accordingly. Combine with the Web&App platform, empower farmers to learn more about their greenhouse, manage venting control, and ensure quality control for their crops.
This roll-up motor kit is widely used for various greenhouses, such as solar greenhouses, vegetable greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, and other assembled greenhouses.
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Vegetable Greenhouse

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Fruit Greenhouse

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Flower Greenhouse

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Solar Greenhouse