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Smart pH Rumen Bolus

  • LoRaWAN Compliant
  • Communication range up to 500Meters
  • Battery life up to 2 years
  • Real-time Monitoring of the rumen temperature, rumen pH, movement and activity
  • IP68 Rugged Housing,food grade material, compact size 103.58*28mm
  • Duration of pH measurement: 180days after installation.


JS0140 rumen bolus is designed to capture cattle activity, rumen temperature, rumen pH, and movement. The material of the bolus is eco-friendly and causes no harm to the animal. Once inserted into a cattle, the bolus will remain in the rumen, All data is transmitted automatically first to the LoRa Base Station and then to a cloud-based platform, which allows farmers, vets, and scientists to process the information and deal with unexpected issues anytime, anywhere. The earlier you detect health problems, the earlier you can react and reduce severe courses of diseases on your farm. Allow farmers to maximize the efficiency of farms.
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Product Function

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Heat Detection

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Calving Alarm

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Monitor Health Conditions

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Water Intake

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Rumen pH Monitoring


Parameters Specification
Modem LoRaWAN
Frequency CN470Mhz, EU868 Mhz, US915 Mhz, AS923 Mhz
Tx Power Type(SF9):16dBm@470MHz;17dBm@868MHz;15dBm@915MHz;15dBm@923MHz
Communication range About 500 meters LoS (inserted into the rumen)
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.1°C(inner rumen temperature without environment affect,certificated by SMQ)
pH accuracy +/- 0.2 within 180 days(certificated by GRGTEST)
Accelerometer Monitoring the activity and rumination of cow
Reporting interval 15mins by default, configurable
Average power consumption <3.3mW
Battery 3V 3000mAh
Battery life 2 years(Duration of pH measurement :180 days)
Casing IP68
Operation mode 23~45°C(data reporting cycle 15mins by default)
Power saving mode 10~23°C(data reporting cycle 4 hours by default)
Sleep mode 0~10°C(Stop working,no data transmit)
Storage Temperature 0°C~45°C(below or above the recommended storage temperature will damage the pH sensor and affect the pH measurement accuracy)
Dimensions 139*34mm
Weight 200g
Certification RoHs Compliant, GB4806.7 standard food grade casing.