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LoRaWAN Micro Lite Gateway

  • LoRaWAN Compliant for global use, CN470MHz, EU868Mhz, 902~928Mhz available, can work with any LoRaWAN server including Chripstack, TTN or private server
  • Dual channel gateway based on two SX1262 chips driven by EPS32
  • Convenient: compact size for carrying, can be powered via multiple power options. Both wall plugs or battery power work
  • Build-in GPS and accelerometer for location tracking and asset management
  • Easy Installment: Backhaul over ethernet, WIFI, or 4G, simple set up is less than 5 mins
  • Industrial-grade design for harsh environments


NAG3201 is a dual-channel LoRaWAN gateway based on two SX1262 chips driven by ESP32, allowing long-range communication with IoT devices. Supports ethernet, WIFI, and 4G backhaul, which is suitable for businesses that require a secure and efficient way to connect their IoT devices to the cloud. It also has a built-in GPS module, making it easy to track the location of connected devices. The gateway is perfectly designed for set-up small-scale LoRa networks or extending the coverage of the current LoRaWAN network. Can be widely used in smart agriculture, smart industrial automation, smart cities