Monitoring Tibetan Sheep and Bos Grunniens with IoT Rumen Bolus

Date: 2023-06-05

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26th May 2023, the IoT rumen bolus was installed in the Tibetan sheep and Bos Grunniens by Hai Bei Demonstration Zone of Plateau Modern Ecological Animal Husbandry Science and Technology.
Regardless of extreme weather conditions, our bio-capsule is settled in the rumen and enables constant measurement of the live data in accuracy that is free from any external effects.
The continuous measurement of important health parameters via the smart rumen bolus, first and foremost the inner body temperature, facilitates management, especially during the heat and calving period. "With the user-friendly app, problems around calving and estrus can be managed in time. It keeps records of every detail of life events, such as the kind of diseases inflicted, disease treatment and calving schedule.