Dairy Goat Monitoring Via IoT Rumen Bolus

Date: 2023-07-31

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28th July 2023, Together with the Northwest A&F University, the smart sheep/goat rumen bolus was installed in the dairy goat sheep farm which owned 1800 Dairy goats in Shaanxi. Brings the leading IoT goat rumen bolus to the dairy goat industry. After being installed into the dairy goat rumen via a standard bolus gun, it will collect and report the goat's body temperature, activity, and rumination data to the platform every 15 mins, with a battery life of up to 2~3 years, it is a pair of eyes watching the goats 24/7. Help farm managers make accurate day-to-day goat management decisions. The rumination monitoring allows farm managers to tell if the ration adjustment they made is working, the real-time monitoring of body temperature and activity help farmers to catch estrus goat, sick goat, and lambing goat much earlier than they did in the past.